Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Online favorites as of late

While I'm slacking at blogging lately and waiting (procrastinating) at editing pics (and putting stupid red hearts over my beautiful children's faces....Dang, 365 pictures a day project), I thought I'd post at least a few somethings. The somethings that are causing me to procrastinate. well, that and my husband hogging the computer on his soo not important life altering final project in his educational career up until this point. Seriously, what a brat! : )

Reading this. Kelle Hampton's blog, Enjoying the Small Things is always encouraging, but I'm loving this post! She had me at the Little Women's quote. I have a feeling most women are "a great many things". I know I am!!!

Crafting this. Ashley Ann has a BILLION and one things I wanna make with her DIY projects. Found her blog just a month ago and have looked through every single one of the ideas. My faves are: Chicken Wire Frame, Shadow box vintage kitchen display, a bit bohemian girls nursery/room.

Watching this. Ok, you guys know I'm super obsessed with the show Parenthood. I'm not sure you know how far my obsession has gone. Last night's episode was ah-mazing. For one, I love how they shoot the film, then I love the real life situations, and the writing just ties it all in beautifully. Today during kiddos nap, I was laughing/crying at the same time.

Cooking this. Sandra Lee is my kind of cook! I like to cook, but have a hard time committing to recipes taking longer than one hour. That is why I like Sandra's short recipes and easily bought items. I have and old trusty Strawberry cake recipe that came from her show Semi-Homemade. It's dangerously GOOD and I imagine this upside-down apple skillet pie is just as yummy. Hoping to make this soon. Don't worry there is healthy items on her site too!

Listening to this. I've been a Michelle Featherstone fan for awhile now. She is so soothing and her lyrics make me think/feel. Even better yet, one of her songs was featured on last night's Parenthood. Told ya, obsessed!

Buying this: HOLY COW, I want a photo gallery wall built around these custom frames! They are gorgeous colors and wonderfully made. I'll take one Lucy style frame in Mint color please!

Please pass on anything interesting you've guys found lately on this WONDERFUL portal of goodness! : )


sarahe said...

i love michelle featherstone so much! quiet music is my favorite :) love your list!

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