Sunday, May 8, 2011

For the past few years, I dreaded Mother's Day. It was just a reminder of what I'd longed to be my whole life, but just seemed to come up empty handed. I didn't really like going to church because I had to listen to comments about being a mother or watch as families dedicated their children. Don't get me wrong I loved celebrating the amazing mother God had given me.

My Moma has been a source of joy, comfort, stability, wisdom and support my whole life. But I feel in this area, she has been one of the only people I could talk to. Maybe it is because of the fact she knows what it is like to wait. My brother is ten years older than me and my parents tried all those years for more children. Finally, God gave her a daughter and then a second one thirteen months later. : ) She knew what it felt like to try and watch as others effortlessly got pregnant. Moma would listen to me as I complained and worried. She ALWAYS prays for me and tells me she is doing so. She is such a blessing to me for soo many reasons.

So on this day for the last few years, yes, I was a little down. But this year is sooo much different. Don't get me wrong, I still have a DEEP desire to become pregnant. I want to experience that obviously, but my arms are so FULL these days. I longed for children and God entrusted us with two beautiful blessings. Now the future of our family is still in question. And we appreciate prayer regarding their future. But needless to say, I'm so thankful that God made me a Mommy this year and today was soo sweet.

I couldn't help but think today in church as I was tearing up at a video being played, how many women here are cringing as they wait for a child. The Bible says Hope deferred makes the heart sick. I remember this verse as I waited for God to bring my husband in my life. It is soo true. As you wait for something that seems like such a Godly desire, your heart can become sick from waiting. I encourage you to pray for those who long for children, but haven't had any yet. And if you are waiting for your arms to be filled with the joy of children, I challenge you to pray about adopting/fostering. As I told a friend who was considering fostering, It doesn't lessen your heart's desire to become pregnant, but it does fill your heart with children only God could have put there! And it keeps you super busy too!!! : )
Thankful for full arms and a FULL heart this Mother's Day!
My two little blessings that are ever so busy and lots of fun!


Jessica said...

You are beautiful, sweet friend! I love your new haircut too!

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