Monday, May 30, 2011

Strawberry Picking

I was kind of gloomy tonight. I had put the kids to bed after a rough excursion and the Man was off to hang with his mentee. After putting them down, I sat in a chair in the living room and felt myself melt right there. It was dusk when I sat down and I could still see all around me. I just sat there until it was completely dark. There is something so nice about silence after having an emotional episode with your kids. As I sat there I decided to look at pictures to see joyful and bright spots from our last few weeks.

These strawberry picking pictures did just the thing. Got me out of my bad mood and made me thankful!

Sunshine, Happy kids, and tasty strawberries....


Beth said...

Hi! I got here from Journey to Josie's blog. Your kids are so cute. I bet you can't wait to show the world their pictures! Just wanted to say Hi

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