Monday, May 9, 2011

first family camping trip

first family camping trip
wonderful memories and adventure wrapped up in one!
we hiked, climbed and enjoyed checking out all the amazing spots around our campsite.
we made hobo packs for dinner and roasted marsh mellows over the campfire.
sleeping in a tent was pretty much what I thought it would be with a one and four yr. old!
But they really did good and it was encouraging for future camping trips.
garden of the gods was gorgeous...even before spring had really sprung!
we took turns climbing some more adventurous spots while the other made sure the children didn't fall off the side of a cliff. : ) There was some dangerous drop offs that we had to be super careful!
we also got to climb down into some of the caves and it was a refreshingly cool for our several hour hikes. YES, our kids did AWESOME on the hikes. This one however, we thought would be short, but we ventured off our original path to find it took much longer. And N had a bad diaper half way and stopped wanting to walk. Needless to say we were glad to get back to the van!
this was a cave and spring where they used to water their horses/ox. natural spring bubbles up at base of the cave behind scott and L.
I've always wanted to start an annual family camping trip. The kids did so good, we thought of doing a trip like this a couple times of year. It was just what we needed to get out in God's creation and enjoy the peace & quiet!


Jessica said...

It looks like you guys had soo much fun! Perhaps we should plan a trip with the Thompson/Eveland family soon...maybe to the lake. Check your calendar, friend!

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