Thursday, May 26, 2011

My BIG 3-0!!!

This is a photo recap of my fabulous 30th birthday party! I had typed a lot regarding all the pictures and blogger didn't save any of it! GRRRR..... Anyways. We had soo much fun and it was a great party!
decor and pics of my growing up
my cake made by the fabulous sister, Nina
the party was a gardening theme
in hopes that I might earn a green thumb, what i want so badly
even the cupcakes were adorable and super yummy
Moma really decorated her porch and it was gorgeous!
This is the one of many precious vintage linens she owns
that I might have to steal : )
flowers and cute flower pot from Johnah's fam
all matching cuteness available at lowe's : )
again, porch...soo cute!
Moma made those pillows, talented lady
if only she could pass on some genes:
gardening, sewing, cooking and just well everything that makes her who she is
new found friends
it's amazing to think 25 years ago her mom and emerson's aunts (johnah and me) were running around holding hands, doing flips and playing dolls. Time flies!
another yummy detail.
a mini trifle bar full of pudding, fruit, toppings and whipped cream!!!
i had so many sweet friends come and some of their babies came too which I loved
thanks for coming!
my two favorite men
sorry scott a. it's not you, it's the other scott and my Daddy.
little cutie licking off the icing
a big green yard full of joyful, playing children
the only "real" picture of me I got at the party
cute little fynn with me
the AMAZING bakeress (half baker/half goddess)
seriously, extremely talented
one last detailed pic of my cake to prove my point

It was such a great party and I'm so thankful for everyone who made my BIG 3-0 so special!


Erica and Nate said...

Happy 30th Sarah! I love all your pics!

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