Friday, April 1, 2011


There are days I feel like hiding. Today may be one of them. I just put the littles down for a nap. We've been allergy sick/ear infection sick for what seems like far too long. Then as I was heading out to drop them at the sitters to go to work, L started puking. BOOOO!!!!

So I'm home where I really love to be best, but not sure staying in this infestation house is a happy place today. I HATE to see the kids sick. The Man is a BIG help, but everyone knows that you want your Moma when you are sick. So I have had two pretty needy babies lately, and I have a feeling today could get a little crazy.

About hiding, I've even found my spot. The other day after putting them down for an afternoon nap. I snuck away for LONG awaited shower. After I got out, I felt that overwhelming pattern of mommyhood take hold. Here is how it goes:

Oh that shower was so nice. Why didn't I get up early before they woke up to do this? Oh, I was exhausted. Why is N still coughing and waking up in the middle of the night with this allergy stuff? Dang weather and sprouting buds. I wonder when we'll get over this? I need to get more vitamins. And pull ups. Why can't L hold it through the night? Why didn't his bio. mom not try to potty train him when he was with's so much nicer. Why didn't she show at the last visit? What is the next few months going to look like? I wonder if we can get away next week on Scott's spring break? I hope the kids will be better. I still need to get stuff for their Easter baskets. How should I emphasize Christ's resurrection this holiday with the kids? What if they go back to their bio mom, will they remember anything about Christ?

Seriously, this is just my rambling mind in the few minutes while drying off. I felt the need to jump a plane and head to Hawaii. I mean there is no sickness, reality of life, fears or stress in Hawaii, right?

So I did the next best thing *ok the next best thing would be at least a beach somewhere, but the next best thing that I could do at that moment. I sat down wrapped in my towel on my plush lime rug in my new bathroom. The heat lamp is directly above it. I just sat there and breathed. It was soo quiet and I relished in it. Then I picked up a book and escaped away. I stayed there in that same position for at least thirty minutes.

Hiding isn't so bad, as long as your kids are sleeping.
Hiding isn't bad at all if you are doing it in Hawaii (even if only in your mind)!


Nichole said...

You are such a great mommy! The bathroom is my retreat often too. Some days I'll take an extra shower in the afternoons just to relax. :) Tip for N's allergies -- try Children's Claritin. It's available over the counter, and we've had Drew on it for about the last 1.5 mos, at the recommendation of his pediatrician. Drew and N are about the same size. He gets 1/2 tsp. each night before bed. It's preventative. As for Easter, try this book: What is Easter? by Michelle Adams. It's $6 or $7. Target, B&N, etc. carries it in store.

SECPumpkin said...

Thanks, Nichole. I really appreciate your tips! She is actually on Children's Zurtec and doing well with it now. I am going to check out that book. YEAH! I've been trying to find one I like!

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