Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wonderful Warm Wednesday.

Oh, just a week behind! : )

But seriously, If I could have captured this weather and lovely sunshine in a bottle...I'd be making serious bank these days. It seems I can't go five minutes without talking to someone about how they wish the weather would go back.

I mean look at this, right?!?!
Day 83: The Man kept telling me over the weekend, you need to take the kids picture under that tree. He said it only bloomed for a few days. I should have listened to him, but I didn't. The blooms were flying off right and left as I was taking this pic. : ) Sorry, Scott!
We played and played all morning long.
Sweet little legs.
I'm not sure I can convey what this picture does to me. It makes me happy to live in our neighborhood. Walks are so pleasant and happy. And BONUS...there is a school playground not even two blocks away. SCORE!
But even still...our trusting ole' free swing set does just fine entertaining these kiddos.
After we got L back from school, we went back outside. How could we was just too nice! We ordered a pizza and hung out on the porch to eat supper.
Here is N finishing off her applesauce. Wish you could see her dirty, cute little face!
So I'm not sure how you get around the violence issue with little boys. I mean I really don't want him to be all about killing, guns and swords. But there seems to be no stopping it.
If this boy has a stick he's either using it as a bat or as a sword. : )
Love little piggies free to run around outside.
See, no stopping the boy!
But me and my peaceful child, well we decided it was a gorgeous day to lounge around the front porch flipping through magazines. Don't worry, she only read the Lowe's ad!
Blue, clear skies please come back. And bring the sun with you!


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