Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses

I have many excuses why I've been MIA the last few weeks...
1. I've finally been left all by my lonesome to fiend for the children and I....ahhhhh. Help, me Mommy! haha. {this can't be it...I managed two children and a blog before my back, hmmm}
2. Going back to work must be the culprit {oh wait, I only work two days a week. well,}
3. L has had a ear infection. {you know this does make a difference}
4. The Man has been hogging the computer {yes, it is his computer and yes, he might be doing actual you know WORK on it...but still.}
5. N has been trying to get her molars in {this is just murder on everyone, come on people}
6. How about pure exhaustion...if the others don't work as a good excuse, this one has to.

Every time I wanted to blog in the past few weeks one of these things would get in the way: A baby would be crying, my hubby would have the computer with him, I'd have to clean up some spilt something or fix some toy something, or pass out while loading pictures from my camera onto the computer. So there you have it. Forgive me and indulge me while I catch up on my 365 Days of Pictures project.
Day 67: L laughing his head off (i have to describe b/c of stupid hearts) and of course holding a football. Seriously, I don't make him pose with different types of sports equipment....he just chooses to do so. Summer should be fun!

Day 68: L's book fair was all out FUN. They had story time with Clifford and the black bear (not sure what he's from), a guy making balloon animals/swords, and his teacher was even dressed up like a (CUTE...not scary) clown {this is didn't think I'd let any clown take our children, did you?!?!?} They had a blast!
Day 69: The Man, my FAVORITE man in all the world (sorry, Daddy) made pancakes for dinner. How did I get such a blessing for a husband? He's the real deal people!!!
Day 70: The great thing about visits with the kids' biological family is they get to see their sister who is with her father (court mandated they get a visit at least once a month). We love visiting with her and the kids just have such a great time together.
Day 71: One of my favorite parts about being home with the kids more is when we get to play with others and have company. This day we met Nana, GiGi (my sister), Fynn and Nina (my German sister) at Chick-fil-a. We then came back to our house for a play date. Here is Aunt Nina reading to Fynn!
Day 72: For the length of time we've lived in this house (which I shouldn't devulge because it would make us look that much more lazy) we've endured what we've lovingly called the jungle. It was this overgrown hedge on the side of our house between us and our neighbor. It was trees, ivy and LOTs of overgrown weeds. Anyways, thanks to family, the jungle is now a junglet! Still there with more work to finish, but not sooo bad. Thanks to Herman (a.k.a Chainsaw Man), Ann, Mai Beth, and Cindy!

Day 73: On this special day we celebrated Papa's 81st Birthday. We all met at Briarpatch to eat lunch and party hard!!! : ) Not sure who enjoyed it more the adults or the kids.
Day 74: On the way home from preschool, we picked up my mentee Haley. We baked cookies while the kids napped. I had been wanting to take some to a new neighbor who moved in almost a month ago. Finally, got to package them up in this cute bakery box I'd saved for over six months! See being a pack rat pays off every now and then! : )
Day 75: N and I met Mai Beth and Kaylen at the park for some modeling time. I needed some spring pics for our photography business and well, she is just so darn cute. Before they got to the park, we took this pic. I used the self timer and balanced the camera on top of a sippy cup on top of a park bench arm rest. Whew....the things we do to be in pictures with our children!
Day 76: Made heart shaped biscuits for breakfast on this morning, just because!
Made the babies smile!
Day 77: Leah Mae turns 20! What? Where did my baby Mae Mae (on the right) go? We got wild and crazy celebrating at Cheddars. Happy Birthday, Mae! I'm so proud of who you are and the woman (gasp) that you've become.

Day 78: Even though my excuses kept me from blogging....doesn't mean that I didn't open up blogger a billion times to either fall asleep with it on my lap or give up after perusing other blogs first. I do however really love this little space to share and be a little creative even though my lack of recent activity shows my passion for capturing life in this little blog. I do appreciate those who come back after my lapses to continue to read and write me sweet comments.
Day 79: JAY'S DRIVE IN. Anyone reading this blog from Calhoun most likely recognized these steps or even has a picture of themselves at some point on them. These stairs are right outside the local burger joint in my hometown. I can picture at least a million different moments on these stairs. I remember when we used to walk downtown with our school class and sit here to eat ice cream cones. I remember going out to eat on the stairs with my friends when it wasn't cool to talk around your parents because we were soo grown up in the sixth grade! : ) I remember hanging out with friends here after high school basketball games, cheer practice or while "cruising" in town. Ha! This place is chalk full of memories! Ya'll got any of Jay's or other special places in your childhoods?
Day 80: Speaking of childhood, look what Scott and I found cleaning out an old truck that has been locked for at least ten years. It had all kinds of goodies in it. Let's just say we rocked out my Party to Go 8 c.d. from 1995 all weekend long! Wake Up Wake Up, It's the First of the Month <3
Day 81: Love this's just the cousins playing in the sandbox at Granny's and Grandaddy's house. On our weekly monday night dinner... I love me some good traditions. You can tell kids thrive on it!
Day 82: See, I told you he was hogging it. I had to capture this to prove my point and I think he looks super cute when he's all sleepy like!

Well, now that I'm caught up with my picture a day stuff, I have some other important things to discuss this week. One important topic, tomorrow!


Catie said...

Ahhh JAYS! I love reading & looking at your pictures. You are such an inspiration to so many :)

sarahe said...

you are doing so much more than most women! don't beat yourself up about when the blog has to come second to LIFE. hugs & prayers to you & the fam!

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