Sunday, March 6, 2011

A few moments from our recent days...

We went to my parents on Thursday afternoon... we played until time for supper.
My Moma and I noticed that the first signs of spring (blooming crocus) had popped up in the front flower beds.
Day 63: Aren't the colors gorgeous?!?! Way better compared to the usual tapestry of greys and gloomy winter tones.
It was tough choosing between the vibrant purple or this delicate spring yellow bonnets for my picture for the day. Oh, I'm soo READY for spring!
Day 64: The Man and I have developed a thing for tv shows on dvd over the past few years (Ok, mostly me, but he watches with me). Lately, it's been How I Met Your Mother thanks to my sweet friend, Rach. This looks like a pic pulled off some site, but it's actually our tv late Saturday night. We are on the fourth season and makes me laugh out loud a lot! Oh and we totally didn't leave our home from Friday around six thirty p.m. until a little before nine a.m. on Sunday. Pure bliss, I tell you!
Day 65: I knew I wanted this picture. I wanted to remember her in my fav jammies, her standing up in her crib looking over at us. I know time is short and this won't always be the case (even though I'm leaving her in a crib until I absolutely can't anymore). She will inevitably grow too big for this passed down crib, and her little toes are already wearing holes in the feet of these jammies. I can't help but want to slow time down long enough to remember these last moments of her being a baby.
and him being a toddler. He's only four, but he's huge. I mean this boy has grown 2 1/2 inches since coming to be our boy and weighs around 45 lbs. But his little cheeks and mischievous looks peeking out from his comforter begging me to sing one more time, shows that he is for just a little while longer my toddler boy.


sarahe said...

such precious pictures, love the crocuses, and so glad you're into How I Met Your Mother!! One of my all-time favorites :)

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