Sunday, June 7, 2009

Memorial Day...Waiting for Watermelons

We had a great day out on the farm for Memorial Day.  It was a gorgeous weekend and it's always great scenery at my parents. We grilled out and ate way too much.
My mom is of course not only one of my favorite people, but my fav cook as well.
Here is Daddy, Em, and my cousin, Cindy watering the watermelon plants.  Umm.. I can't wait. I don't know a better watermelon farmer than my Daddy.  He treats them like his babies!

These pictures show just how gorgeous all the colors were that day.  The green was soo bright and happy.  A little rain makes things even prettier.  Em was having such a blast. 

In other news, My little sis found out she is having a BOY!!! So it looks like we'll be decorating the nursery and preparing for William "Fynn"!  I'm soo excited, I just can't wait.  

We had a long weekend full of graduations and Nina & Scott's wedding. Me and my Scott are plumb tuckered out.  I'll post some precious wedding pics soon.  I MUST go to bed or I'll be worth nothing tomorrow.  Have a great start to a good week!


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