Friday, June 5, 2009

I had a hot date last night....

This is the cute guy that showed up at my front door!

And he brought me this little cutie...don't you love Scruffs new bandana?
The Lovely Couple...aren't we cute?!?!?
We went to this new place in town, The Miller House!
This is what the Messenger Inquirer said about the Miller House in a recent article:
The house was built in 1905 for $8,000 - a big price for the time - by Elmer Miller, a Whitesville native who became a prominent Owensboro businessman. 
He founded the Miller Coal & Contract Co. at what's now Seventh Street and J.R. Miller in the late 1880s when he was barely in his 20s. Then, he expanded into transfer and hauling as well as road building. 
Miller served on the Owensboro City Council, eventually became the biggest stockholder in the old Owensboro Banking Co. and owned stock in several other banks. 
He liked to relax in the basement of his home, playing billiards on a table he had installed there. 
Today, the basement is Elmer's, a bar with brick walls and a Chicago speakeasy atmosphere. It has a separate outside entrance as well an entrance from the restaurant.

The ambiance was classy, gorgeous, and very southern.  Even the food was Southern!
We got the Southern Sampler as an appetizer: cheese triangle, grits sticks, fried green tomatoes, and my favorite: sweet potato chips.  
Hand breaded chicken tenders and Julian fries and veggies. 
farfalle garlic cream sauce with mushrooms.

All the food was yummy.  We are always sharing and eating off each other's plates.  We also had strawberry shortcake for dessert.  It was soo good!  They also have Molasses Pie, it's the original owners' recipe (Lizzie Miller) that they found in the house.  If you live in the area, you have to try it out!  A wonderful date night!


J. Scott Thompson said...

What a good time with you, dear! It's always nice to have a little respite from our lives, even if it's for just a couple of hours. I enjoy having dates with you, getting dressed up. It's lovely.

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