Sunday, July 18, 2010

Placements and Transitions

Two words. placements and transitions

Changing my life and rocking my world.

Tonight, we tucked two precious blessings in under our roof and plan on doing that until someone says they will get to go home to their mommy. I cannot tell you how EXCITED I was when we got the call last week. It was a lateral move from another foster family. Not only did this other Foster Family take care of all the hard stuff that came with the plaacement, but they will most likely be an answer to prayer for guidance, wisdom and support. They are going to help mentor us through all this process. They've been foster parents for a LONG time and have adopted two GORGEOUS girls. God always surprises me with his many gifts.

When we did an overnight visit Thursday before I left on a long ago planned girls trip this weekend, I couldn't have felt better. We bonded quickly, loved easily and the kiddos seemed to adjust amazingly to new people/places!!!! We even got the bonus of GREAT help from our new mentors. Little did I know how quick the ups and downs of fostering and just plain parenting would come. The main trial is our Little Man's adjustment to this new transition. He was very emotional, confused and I'm pretty sure a little afraid. I felt pretty helpless and so did Scott. We just tried to be loving, patient and creative in how to get everyone happily in bed!

It just amazes me how after the initial visit that I thought it would be just as easy to transition into this new placement. Of course these sweet children have gone through a lot in the past few weeks and they are going to have a rough time. I am just glad I have such wonderful family, friends and mentors to help us through this journey. And even more we have a GOD who has promised to walk through this life and give us enough grace for each season.

I do have to point out a few beautiful and precious moments in the midst of the more emotional ones.....
* Sweet little cheeks grinning up at us as she toddles across the floor.
* Scrubbing babes and smelling clean beautiful hands as i tuck them in.
* Reading books, goodnight prayers and snuggling is the best end to a LONG day
* Seeing Little Man finally close his eyes only to look up to make sure I was still there
* Watching them sleep and knowing that I get to love and help these children as long as God sees fit.

Thanking God for both blessings to be thankful for and challenges to help us to lean on Him.

We would love your prayers.
Now off to bed.
I know I'm now a parent because I'm tired and happy! : )


Hope said...

YAY!!! So very excited for you!

Praying for comfort for your little ones and wisdom, patience and lots of love for you and Scott.

Let the journey begin!

Immeasurably More Mama said...

Hugs and prayers! What are their ages?

sarahe said...

wow--i just have to tell you that i think what you guys are doing is an amazing selfless way to serve the Lord. So glad that you get to care for these little lives!

MandaS said...

I am so excited for you and I will definitely be praying! You will be wonderful! Love you!

Jessica said...

I can't wait to meet those beautiful children! I'm praying for you all, sweet friend!

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