Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Isn't she lovely....

This is an overdue post for my oldest gal.  This mommy is having a hard time realizing her babies are growing up.  Because Leland was already a toddler *little man* when we brought them home, she was in all actuality my first baby.  And now she is FOUR!

This is for her.

Here is a picture of you, Miss Evy on your first birthday ....not even a week after I met you.

I cannot believe this isn't how you still look.  

You will always be my short little firecracker.  You were so tiny, but so powerful.  I had never met a 1 year old that could climb or do the things you could do.  You kept me on my toes and still do. 

Now instead of climbing the furniture, you are climbing trees.  You are the perfect blend of girly girl who loves to dress up as a princess and also play in the mud digging for worms.  To be honest, I often find myself caught in another time watching you because you remind me so much of my childhood.  I see you and your sister playing dolls or putting on a show for us on your make believe stage, only to remember your Aunt Gigi and I doing the very same things.  Your little bare feet running through the yard and Cinderella dress swishing as you go, makes me happy.  You enjoy life and live every minute to the fullest.  You are always the life of the party.  We cannot keep you from singing some song *most of them your own creations* and everyone you meet gets that sparkle eyed smile of yours.  I worried how you'd respond to not being the baby of the family when we brought your sister home, but you quickly picked up the new role of mothering her instead. I love that you love people.  You care for them, worry over others and enjoy being around people.  I could not be prouder of you, my spunky girl!

Thank you for making my life so sweet and letting me relive childhood all over again with you!

the morning of your 4th birthday

Happiest Birthday, Evy Elizabeth!


Here are a few pictures I took for her "Tea Party" themed birthday.

I added Liv in a few because I'm going to put one in their room! : )


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