Monday, October 28, 2013

What I'm missing the most...

There has been a lot of things I've missed while being on bed rest...

Like today I made Evy a tent (it took like 3 minutes), but I couldn't get under and really play with her.  I hate that.

I missed Leland's fall festival, parent/teacher conf. and his field trip to the zoo. I hate that.

Livingston used to beg me to "get up" and pull on me when she wanted something. Now she knows to holler for someone else. I hate that.

I try not to use the word hate because it's such strong/permanent language....but I hate not being Mama to my kids.  

But what I really have missed the most is enjoying fall outdoors with my family.

I get so jealous seeing pictures online of friends and their families enjoying all the seasonal festivities. 

It's my favorite season. 
I love it all.
Hikes through the jeweled toned woods.
Roasting marsh mellows and hot dogs around a hot fire.
Picking out pumpkins with the kids.
Playing in the leaves and watching them collect their favorites.
Visiting Reid's Orchard for apple picking and an apple slushie.
Decorating the house and planning costumes. 
Bundled up under blankets while watching football games.
Baking yummy treats to share with others. 
Enjoying afternoons of just cool weather and making family memories.

Here are some memories to tide me over until next week...

fall 2010
fall 2011
fall 2012


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