Wednesday, January 1, 2014

I'm not ready to let go...

I'm up and very tired.  I could blame it on the baby, but that isn't the whole truth.
It has a lot to do with the panic rising up in my chest. 
I'm not ready to let go of this season.

Don't get me wrong. I'm so over standing in long shopping lines, rushing to bake several things all in 3 hrs, staying up too late wrapping and going non stop.

I'm done with those crazy parts of the holiday palooza that is November and December. 

But I'm not quite ready to let go of...
 watching the magic fill their eyes.
 cuddling up close for whole afternoons.
letting everyone enjoy more treats than we should.
having the Man home to play with our littles.

taking time to just enjoy the giggles and be silly.

being surrounded by so many quiet, sacred moments. 

the Christmas Carol karaoke we had in the car.

reasons to dress up and get out of my yoga pants and tshirts.
simply taking a break from reality to enjoy the simplest of life's goodness.

I'm revolting.
No one can leave the house tomorrow.
No work. No school. No appointments.

This is me in denial.
Praying for a snow day.
: )


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