Monday, November 22, 2010

Round 5....Toys to Cherish and RE USE

You know I'm a big lover of old things, sentimental items, and reusing whatever I can.
So it seemed only PERFECT when my Moma lent me our family playskool barn and house. My brother was the first to enjoy the barn, then Johnah & I were given the house, and finally Pat's kids have been enjoying the set for the past 10 yrs. or so. My sis-in-law said their youngest had stopped playing with it as much and Moma said it could be our turn.
It's fun to watch L and N enjoy the toys just as we did when we were children.
This has seriously become the go to toys and most popular items in our home. It's even started a few fights, but all in all we are so thankful for passed down toys.
Thanks Nana!


sarahe said...

i had that too! so great that everyone can enjoy it!

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