Friday, December 3, 2010

Fall was here?

I'm pretty sure it's the kids fault that my life is now flying by! Ever since they've been in our home, the days are gone soo quickly. I CANNOT believe that it is December and that it is sooo cold. I kind of feel like we got cheated. Maybe it's because it was such a warm autumn. Not that I would mind some of that warmth right now (I always get so cold at night). But there was no transitional period...thanks to my good Old Kentucky Home.

I MISS the leaves and oh how I miss the color. Everything is already brown and dry.
It's so cold when I take dear Scruffs outside to potty. And he doesn't like being out there very long either. He looked soo cute in the leaves!
The photo-op moments (fall is blissfully perfect for photo shoots). Isn't N's outfit too cute? It's brought to you by a dress lent down to us by a friend and hat/sweater from cousin Emerson.
L turned FOUR (a post for another time). I can't BELIEVE how much he has grown.
I will miss the fall days of playing football and watching The Man have running races with L. They are just too cute together!
Oh, and I just had to add this pic of the one who still holds my heart after just three years of being together. November 3rd was our 3 yr. anniversary of our first date. It was such a grand night and I'm so thankful for God's providence. I can't imagine my life any different!


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