Wednesday, August 3, 2011


i have been soo tired
i have felt like crap
i have worried what was wrong with me
i have fallen asleep with children playing around me
i have stopped cooking, blogging, cleaning and doing other normal things
i have taken a test
i have been COMPLETELY shocked, overjoyed and thankful
thank you $1 Dollar Store test for giving us some really great news

Thompson Babe #3 due to hit the Bluff Home March 2012


Barry and Amy said...

YAY! Praise the Lord! What a blessing! So happy for you guys! :)

Jessica said...

AAAAAAHHHHHH! Can you tell that I'm so excited?!?!? Congratulations! I can't wait for spring!!!

Cathryn said...

Love this!!!! There is a leap year this could have that baby on the 29th or on my birthday :)

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