Monday, September 26, 2011

Some pics of my babies

I think most people think that because I'm a photographer, that I must have TONS of great pics of my kids. Well, I do try to take pictures of important events and just our lives everyday. But getting my kids dressed up and making a special trip to do a photo shoot isn't as common as you might think. Finally, I decided I MUST get some because it had been too long for me.

So here are my blessings (except for the one still growing in my tummy)
L, age 4 1/2
loves all sports that involve any type of ball
is in 2nd year preschool
still takes naps most days
favorite place to eat is Chick-fil-a
asks me all the time when he can have a motorcycle, skateboard and how he do that and many more things when he grows up!!!
E *her real name is N, but we have given her a nickname. age 2
loves her purse, babies and stuffed animals
cries almost everyday when bro goes to school because she wants to go too
isn't anywhere close to potty training, but we still bought Minnie Mouse panties today
favorite place to eat is McDonald's
says "No, thank you Mama" all day long when I try to help her do fastening her car seat, putting on clothes, brushing teeth and about a million other things!
Can we say, Miss Independent?

Though they for sure wear me out, they are the joy and fulfillment of my days. I'm so glad to be their mommy. Please be praying for our adoption...we have several things that need to line up in the next few months to make it possible. We also can't wait to find out in three weeks who will be joining them: baby brother or baby sister!


Paul & Merideth said...

Loooooove this! :) Love them!! :)

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