Monday, October 24, 2011

Baby Dolls...

I was commenting on another blog today and I had to type in my website address. I almost laughed when I typed sarahbethCREATIVITY....obviously, the last part is what made me laugh. Lately, this blog has been pretty sparse and definitely not creative. I have MANY MANY MANY plans, projects and ideas...but atlas my lovely children/photography/fall festivities/sleepiness keeps me from attempting them all. I'm hoping to do some soon! I think I'm getting into that nesting phase.

Anyways, here is a random but important in my eyes post. My baby almost big girl has become very interested in baby dolls. Actually, so has her brother (Don't tell my Daddy). She has several of my old babies in her room and recently my Moma gave me our old doll clothes. It has been crazy seeing these little outfits I used for years and years while playing. Crazy memories brought up. I love that she and sometimes he likes to play with my old stuff.
This was my favorite little outfit complete with bonnet.

I have so many old babies, but I love all the cabbage patch dolls.
All lined up in a row!
This is a picture of my sis and I showing off our collection! : )
(btw, the Man likes to say this was foreshadowing of our love b/c my doll I'm hugging looks like him)
Anyways, I'm enjoying watching my baby play with the babies that made me want to be a mommy in the first place!


JulianneB said...

What a sweet post. Naomi has never loved dolls, baby or Barbie, but dresses up her animals. Her newest phase is playing vet. She did say she wanted an American Girl doll. I said, "But you don't even play with dolls." She replied, "I know I just want to be able to go to their interactive website." Miss you.

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