Monday, March 3, 2014


I'm surrounded by all kinds of lovely women.  Our lives don't let us enjoy each other often though.  Schedules and taking care of children limit when we can get together.  I also am surrounded by lots of craft supplies.  For many many years, I've been collecting it like it's my job.  I say collecting because it's not often I actually get to use it. Pretty ribbons, shiny tools and a myriad of other glittery beauties stacked around at my disposal with no time set aside to use them.  Thanks to pinterest and the many craft blogs I visit, I'm also surrounded by a catalog of awesome projects to try.  I cut them out of magazines, I pin them to my board (TryThisAtHome) and I bookmark the links to things that tickle my fancy.  When oh when will I ever have time for this growing list of craft ideas.

I was pondering about how these three things together could be a grand time indeed.  So late one night, I picked a few projects I'd been dying to try and punched out a little invite on photoshop.  I attached it to the event I created on facebook and BAM....Craft Morning was created.

My sweet friends all trudged through the snow that never melts and we had a fun ole time.

Here was our space (a.k.a. my dining room) to craft.

 It felt so good to use so many supplies that hadn't been touched in a while. 
I did purchase just a few things that we had to get for the projects we had in mind.
 Everyone that came had a little gift bag and a folder of ummm...nothing.  
It was supposed to be a folder of instructions, but didn't get printed. 
 I found these chalkboard tags at HobLob....they were soo cute!
 I also loaded the middle of the table with paints, tools and other supplies.
 Their bags were complete with Target dollar aisle goodies as well as a few things put together from HobLob.
 The letters took us the longest. We wrapped them with scrap fabric.
 Everyone picked their own word.  Some choose LOVE,  PLAY and HOME.
 It was really neat to see fabric scraps from other projects being used.  It made me a tad sentimental.
 This was the only boy and kid allowed! : )
 We also made chicken wire frames. 
 Another project was etching letters to our glasses. 
It didn't take too long and we found it was pretty easy.
 We just used stickers and sticker paper to make a frame. 
Painted on the etching cream.
 Here was Nina's finished glasses. 
 We ate a lot of yummy food. 
 People brought some to share. Seriously, every single thing was soo yummy!
 Here are my letters.  Love how they turned out.  Going to redo my mantel with them soon. 
The project that took hardly any time were these nest pendants made from wire and beads. 

All it took was a picking a place and time.  Everyone brought $10 to cover the cost of supplies.
The best news is that one of the girls has already planned next months crafting get together. 
I can hardly wait!

Get some of your girlfriends together and do this soon.  I promise you won't regret it!


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