Monday, September 22, 2008

A little bit of Ike goes a long way.

A long way, that's right...all the way to Kentucky! We got just a touch of Ike, and I'm glad that is all we got. Just a little bit of him made Daviess Co and several surrounding counties be without power up to five or so days. There was also wind damage to roofs and TONS of trees everywhere.

As Scott and I (we were probably really stupid) sat on our couch to see out the window and our storm door in the front....we couldn't imagine what it would be like to see Ike up close and stronger. Right in front of our eyes we watched what was most likely a 75 year old tree snap in half to cover the street across from us. It was all so insane. I'm soo glad that most everyone around here is physically safe and sound.

In other news from that weekend... we went on a little day trip. My man was playing percussion for a worship band at a church camp in indiana. So I got to ride up with him and some of our friends. While the men set up and practiced, us wives went to do what we do best.....SHOPPING! There was a great outlet mall just fifteen minutes from the show. We were ecstatic and really made three to four hours pass by pretty quickly.


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