Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I love my husband...


~ he knows just what to say and how to say it to make me laugh

~ he is smart and takes care of all our finances

~ he cuddles with me while i watch king of queens late at night

~ he works hard for the money

~ he holds my hand in the car

~ he opens my door...STILL

~ he writes me love notes

~ he loves the Lord and tries to help me be more like Him

~ he is honest and real about who he is

~ he is always quick to say he's sorry

~ he watches old 24 seasons rented from the library with me for hours

~ he helps me make baby shower invitations

~ he loves my friends

~ he laughs at my jokes (sometimes)

~ he listens to me and cares what I have to say

~ he forgives me

~ he does our weekly laundry every friday after he gets off before I get home from work

~ he always eats my cooking...and with a smile on his face

~ he loves his and my family

~ he plays with all our nieces/nephews

~ he is always helpful and there for me


I love my husband for about 1, 698, 327 more reasons than these...but i don't want to bore you all to tears. But just wanted to publicly thank the Lord for this gift and ask that He'll help me to never take it forgranted!

love ya honey!


Rachel D said...

I could be a stereotypical single and say Gag Me With a Spoon.

But I won't.

After all, he IS a pretty nice guy.

J. Scott Thompson said...

Thanks Sarah. What a sweet post. I feel loved and special!

And thanks to you also, Rachel.

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