Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Busy as little bees....

Lately, I've found my self some what out of sorts. I'm constantly tired and overwhelmed by work. Things have changed in the last three months and it's added such a burden to my shoulders. There are days where I wish that I worked in a coffee shop, a salesperson for a little store, or even a receptionist at a doctors office. Somewhere that I know will still be faced with challenges and even responsibilites, but not the responsiblity of someone's life. Where I work, I feel the dramatic pull that our decisions make. Whether you should trust this volunteer, accept this kid to the program, and when to give up on something you wanted so badly to work. Seriously, lately the burden has out weighed the good stories. I'm feeling my passion and hope for good things crumbling. I know that I'm whining right now. I know that I'm being pestamistic and having a huge pity party for myself. But really...if you can't whine on your blog...where can you?

I have to step back sometimes and look at the grand scheme. Sure there are kids and families we'll fail...we are after all humans...our volunteers are humans. But I have to keep looking at how God is using us. There are certain kids that know more about the Lord because of our program. There are kids that aren't following in the steps of those around them with alcohol and drugs because of the example their mentor has showed them. There are kids who have learned to be proud of who they are because there has been someone along side them cheering them on.

I know this organization and we are doing good... I'm just tired. Please pray for a refreshment of God's compassion for this ministry and a passion for it. We need more MENTORS. Please pray that God would provide and that churches will start calling me back. That really irks me....seriously, pastors don't return phone calls. What is up with that? Ok...sorry, I'm pouting again. I'm thankful that God gives us His Word for times like these.

"Even now I know that whatever You ask of God, God will give You." John 11:22

If Martha can take hold of the belief of the power of God to do anything Jesus asks for us....then so can I.

Please Lord, Give us strong, Godly mentors to come along side these families for Your glory. Help us to not loose heart when it's not always easy. Help our current mentors and strengthen them to be messengers for Your gospel. And may your peace and joy rule over this entire agency. Thank you for Your word. Amen.


J. Scott Thompson said...

You can whine to your husband as well as on your blog, but I'd prefer me.

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