Friday, April 23, 2010

Getting dirty!

Haha! Get your minds out of the gutter people.
I'm talking about dirt from the ground!

I would love to plant more stuff around here, but we've been so busy lately.
So I started small.

It's fun to get dirty! I guess because I grew up playing in the dirt growing up on a farm and all. We played in the fields, used mud puddles for Barbie's ocean, and dug plenty of mud for our pies and such! I guess digging in the dirt makes me think of childhood.

Quite different for this little girl. She is my mentee and HATES (with a capital H) getting dirty. She does love to play outside, thank goodness!
We plated my herb seeds the other day. Which I'm a little nervous about because it doesn't seem to be sprouting. My friend the other day told me that it's hard to get herbs from seeds so I might go buy some plants to put in there too. We'll see.

She said she had never planted anything so this was a fun thing to teach her!


Mandi said...

I think it's wonderful how active you are in ministering to the children in your community. We need more people like you!

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