Sunday, April 18, 2010

Newest crafty book I'm in love with...

Every soo often I seem to fall in love with a new project:
Whether it be:
cooking from my new Pioneer Woman cookbook
trying out the latest craft from Martha Stewart's magazine
learning new photo angles from Jasmine Star's blog
a new crochet pattern from a book from the library or Key {Scott's grandma}
or scraping a new layout I saw in an old scrapbooking magazine from my cousin

well, this is my newest batch of projects.
the book itself is gorgeous.
These are just two of the MANY I want to try to make.
I love those pom-poms no matter what they are added to, but I'm especially excited to add them to a cute pillow!
There are a few felt projects in here and I've always wanted to work with felt.
Looks like now is the time!
These would be great to make and keep to add to baby shower gifts in the future!
All in all, I'm pretty sure this little sweet book is going to keep me very busy!

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