Saturday, May 1, 2010


This has been my favorite wall for a long time. Really ever since my fabulous husband decided to paint it as an accent wall in our living /dining room.
As you know, I love old things and that built-in screams older home!!! I loved placing the rot iron welcome wall art with a pineapple on it above the built-in. Also, as a blushing new bride, I was giddy to place all my china pieces into the built-in hutch. The Man also placed two plate racks that he bought be for a our first Christmas onto each side of the wall. The only problem was that at the time I only had one oval platter to place on one rack. The lady at the local boutique told us when we picked our china that Mikasa is the slowest shipping china brand you can get. But we shrugged it off because we couldn't believe we both agreed on this one! We realized she knew what she was talking about when we still didn't have the second oval platter a year after we'd ordered it. Though there was an empty plate rack for well over a year, I still love that wall. It has been one of my favorite walls in our home.

Even though that was true, it still wasn't complete. It lacked that one oval platter.

That is exactly how I feel. There is something missing from my wall. Don't get me wrong...God has given me soo much: a relationship with Him, an amazing husband, wonderful family, loyal friends, a nice home, a ministry where I can serve and sooo much more. But there is one thing I long for: children. I want to be a mother. I LONG to be a mother. Just like my favorite, beautiful wall was missing one little piece in being complete, I feel like their is something missing from my life too.

I'm praying and clinging to hope that one day God will make me a mommy as He sees fit.
I wonder how many others feel like they are missing this very thing.
Many thoughts and prayers for soo many out there who are wanting completions for their dreams too.


Jules said...

Very beautiful wall! God will grace you with a child when you are least expecting it. At least that is what happened to me in 1995. My daughter would have been 14 this past December if His plan was for me to keep her. Sadly, I lost her at one day shy of 12 weeks in my pregnancy. Much like you, I feel like my life is incomplete without a child, but I have faith that one day I will be a mother again.

Nichole said...

Praying for you!!!

sarahe said...

hugs and prayers!

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