Sunday, May 2, 2010


I LOVE plants, fresh flowers, veggies, fruit, and really anything that grows from a seed.
But I've only kept plants that are really easy to keep alive ..... from dying!

But I swear Bluff Hill has the most fertile ground EVER!

Remember the herbs my mentee and I planted...
Guess what...
they are growing.
i really was surprised because I had a good friend and my Daddy tell me that herbs are hard to grow from seeds. But looky looky, can't wait to cook with these. Hope basil, rosemary, and mint catch up. They've sprouted but are much smaller than these two.

Also, I've got a bud on my lovely roses...they bloom so great almost all year long.
Not sure if you remember, but I posted in December about how I had one last rose still in bloom. I'm almost positive it was December...weird, I know.
Again with the Lily of the Valley, but they are just popping up all over this one bed. I love them and their fat green leaves. Soo gorgeous.
One last bloom...My peony bush. We inherited it just as we did the Lily of the Valley too. The lady before me had great taste. We have peony, lily of the valley, iris, day lillies, azaela's, easter flowers and forsithias! I'm sure I left off something. We are so thankful because our yard is always in bloom with something.

Love watching everything grow. It is such an amazing example of our lives following Christ.
It also makes me often sit in awe of God's handiwork and beautiful creation!


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