Friday, May 14, 2010

Not too bad...

Turning 29 that is!
We had planned many months ago that some girls and I were going to hang for a night and Saturday at Jess' lake cabin. It was going to be glorious and all girly like. Well long story short, all the girls had to back out except Jess and I. We had decided to still go anyways. But my Father-in-laws' mother passed away and we had her funeral on Saturday morning. So after being with family that morning celebrating sweet Dorothy's life, we took our hubbies down to the lakes. It was a glorious weekend!
We played Ticket To Ride....amazing game! We are all hooked on it!
My wonderful friend, Jess!!! So thankful God brought her into my life!
We had a DELICIOUS meal at Patti's Place and I even got a birthday dessert!
The Man and me....can't imagine the past three years without you!!!
Us and our men.... it's great to have friends we BOTH enjoy hanging with!
My Man posing for Jess says..."He was made for you." TOTALLY!
Just a simple picture to show how simply lovely and relaxing the weekend was.
This was their families' cabin. It was GORGEOUS inside.
My Man looking ever soo Good Looking!
Us by the Lake...I feel my highschool/college days of watching Dawson's Creek creeping to the surface in this picture. I LOVED that show!

If you live in a close enough drive distance from Patti's and have never been....Get in your CAR and GO!!! Oh, but don't forget to make a reservation because it is a BUSY place! The drive is totally worth all the yumminess.

Yea, after a weekend like this....29 isn't looking too bad.
: )


MandaS said...

Hope you had a wonderful birthday and Patti's place is marvelous! Just the bread and butter alone are worth the trip. :)

Jessica said...

So blessed to call you my friend!

Jessica said...

I must add...the cabin is my in-laws'. They are kind in allowing us to use it.

Rachel said...

Okay, I'm so glad you entered my giveaway, but your blog is SO stinkin cute!!! I love the pics in this post too! And, so cool that you are adopting:)

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