Thursday, June 30, 2011

Embracing What Mommy Likes....

Mommy likes tea!
Hot tea that is. I do like sweet tea as well, but I really enjoy some hot tea.
So I thought I'd try a tea party with the kids. I was really unsure how the Little Man would like it. I thought it wasn't boy enough for him, but I was wrong. He had a blast. I let them dress up and wear hats. They thought it was such a fun thing and I had to make it be over finally.
Here are some of the cutsie photos I have of the littles:
Here they are enjoying the tea (apple juice for the first couple of times/hot tea isn't great for toddlers). They liked holding the tea cups.
Little Man even did a great job pouring the tea.

Baby Girl looked soo sweet in her tea hat!
I so wish I could share this super sweet picture of my Little Man.
I even let the kids help make the jam thumbprint cookies.
That's another post for another day.
I only wish I had a better wide angle lens to get all of their cuteness!
I mean come on now, seriously adorable!!!
And this picture is too sweet for words. I did make them do this : )
And only because it's Embrace the Camera day over at The Anderson Crew blog, here is a picture of mommy with her tea party guests. I must say I hadn't had a shower yet and have one of Baby Girl's clippies holding my bangs back. : )

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