Monday, November 19, 2012

Feelings All Over the Place: Adoption Update

Today my emotions have been all over the place.  I've gotten teary eyed too many times to count this morning.  You see I've been extremely busy planning for a very special day tomorrow.  Two and half years ago I was meeting two of our amazing children for the first time.

I remember walking into a McDonald's nervous as I could be.  Scott was at work and was meeting me at home in a few hours.  As I opened the door to the play place, a fiesty little boy bounced right past me.  I still remember the way he looked back then. His big eyes all lit up and that infectous grin.  It's crazy to think he was 3 1/2 ...the same age his sister is now.  He was so excited to be playing and doing just about anything. I walked over to the table where the other foster mother and her two girls were.  There in the highchair was the sweetest little bundle.  I remember thinking she was soo tiny.  She was very serious and definitely examining me to see what she thought.  When I picked her up, she wrapped her teensy little legs around my waist like a little monkey.  It was so precious.  She didn't have much hair, but one little fountain on top sticking straight up.  I packed them up for our overnight visit and felt butterflies.  I had never been a mother before.  And here were these two precious children who had been through so much already.  Would I be good enough for them?  Would they grow to love me?  and the biggest question that plagued me that day and the 2 1/2 years to follow that one....Would they be forever ours?

Tomorrow at eleven, that question will be answered.  YES!!! After all the fears, anxieties and hardships in adopting our two oldest's happening.  We are more than excited and overwhelmed with thankfulness to the Lord for this gift.  I sort of feel like I'm going into labor tomorrow.  There are so many feelings and emotions going through my head today.  I cannot wait to share out sweet little faces tomorrow without any of those stupid hearts over them.  I know you'll love them, just the same as us.


Erica and Nate said...

wow, so so exciting!! What an awesome event right before Thanksgiving. So happy for you.

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