Sunday, April 28, 2013

I puked in Kmart's parking lot.

So that title pretty much sums up my life lately.  I puke a lot or I feel like I'm going to puke a lot.  I'm trying to stay positive because it's a blessed reminder that God is sustaining this new little being in me.


It's hard. I'm tired.  I'm grumpy.  I can't think.  What was I saying?  Oh yea, I can't think.  SEE!!!

Besides Kmart the list grows with trash cans, our drive way, toilets across this town, my hand and even my sink while brushing teeth.  Yep, I've barfed pretty much everywhere.

That, constant nausea and feeling like a Mac truck ran over me has gotten me a little down.  My doctor was going to put me on Zophran to help with the sickness, but as fate would have it my insurance wouldn't really cover it.  WHATEVER!!!  I'd like one of my insurance CEO's to feel like I do and try to keep up with a house and three children. I'd like to see them throw up in a Kmart parking lot. This is just a tough season, I know. I hate to say it because I'm completely thankful for this baby.  I cannot imagine our family without her or him.  I just wish I could fast forward through the next seven months.  Ok... I promise this is the last of the pity posts.

Thank goodness I have good help....


Catie said...

With Sarah I was the same way...but, didn't have 3 lil ones to take care of. I am sorry! Hope it gets better quickly!!!

MandaS said...

Oh honey I'm feeling you! I've puked in all those places with the exception of Kmart. :) this too shall pass. What is your due date with this one? I due nov. 2nd. I'm 13 weeks now and I'm already feeling this little nugget flutter!

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