Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Birthday Bash (only a month late)

Well, better late than never. 
Here is Miss Livingston in all her FIRST birthday glory.

It was quite a party and she had a blast. 
We had it at our church's play place. 

This was her invite:

 I tried to have foods for the kids and adults. 
 This is her smash cake and then the cupcakes we had for everyone else. 
 I got cheap Valentines decor and supplies after the holidays so we went with a Sweetheart theme.
 Our family!!!
 You can see the smash cake better here...ombre style. 
Thanks, Aunt Nina!
 Big sis getting her grub on.
 Hey Uncle Scott.
 These cupcakes were soo cute.
 And they tasted good too.
 The whole table view. I just used brown craft paper and red burlap ribbon from Hobby Lobby.
 The kids table. I loved how the little gift bags turned out. 
 Mommy and the birthday girl.
 I knew the older siblings and cousins would play, but I never knew how much fun she'd have. 
 Big brother taking some time for his baby sis.
 Opening presents.
Daddy and Liv... he's trying to keep her from grabbing the candle.
 And here comes the cake.
 I think she likes it.
 Forget using my hands, I'll just dive right in.
 HaHa! : )
This is my fav!
 Nana and Papaw with their girl.
 Papa and Key with the birthday girl. 
 Grandaddy Jeff, Daddy and Liv.
 Aunt Lynn and Liv.
 Grandaddy Herman and Granny with worn out baby.
You can tell this is near the end of the party.
Aunt GiGi and Livingston.

Wish I had gotten everyone else, but I was a little busy. 
I should write another post on how traumatic this party was on me. 

The important thing is that we celebrated the precious first year of our girl 
and believe me she PARTIED HARD!


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