Friday, February 14, 2014

for valentines day...

I'm mushy. I admit it.  I love chick flicks. red hearts. candy. flowers. little paper notes with sweet messages. I love it all!

I especially love the man who makes me swoon and tear up when I hear lyrics of a song that brings us to my mind.  I love the smirk of a smile he gets on his face when he thinks something is really funny.  I love that he knows just what to order for me wherever we dine.  I love how when we walk beside each other or sit near each other, that gradually we can't help but touch.  His voice, oh how I love his voice. It resonates in my soul and makes my heart feel good.  His arms sooth my bad days and his advice is always the first I seek. For the rest of my days, I'd be a happy woman sitting beside him doing nothing.

I refuse to hide it.  Puke over my mush. I don't care.  Stop reading this. Fine.  But I prayed for this man for many years and he's is God's gift to me.  I will boast in God's goodness for He wrote this story.

Hope you get mushy tonight.  If you are single, I hope you pray for the mush tonight.  You never know what God might have in store for you.


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