Thursday, February 20, 2014

party like it's 1999

I've been prepping for some little girl's 2nd birthday party! Crazy, I know. Surely, Livingston is not turning 2.  I've been thinking through the last year or so of parties.  I'm in LOVE with planning parties and sometimes go overboard.  I've learned the hard way that sometimes too much planning can get in the way of enjoying the reason we are celebrating.  So I've learned to do what I can and let it be.  

These are some of the parties we've had lately:

Leland's 7th and Fynn's 4th Birthday
 Construction theme was a score with the boys and easy to execute.
 We are blessed to have our own amazing and creative baker, Aunt Nina!
Seriously, isn't this cake amazing. 
 The good thing about construction theme is we had tons of everyday toys laying around to use. 

Making the kids a space is one of my favorite parts to decorate.  

Evy's 4th Birthday
This was a Tea Party theme and it was all very girly.  
I loved decorating with ribbons, hankies and lace table cloths.
 We even had a little table set up with a tea set for them.
 I got to pull out all my crystal, vintage tea cups and my Nanny's tea pot. 

Leland's 6th Birthday 
Making invites are pretty easy for me because I just get pictures I want and use photoshop to do the rest. The kids get a kick out of them and the grandparents love them.  : )

Gender Reveal Party
Little did everyone know that what the pinata was stuffed with was...BLUE!
It's fun getting creative and celebrating key moments in your families life.

Maggie Ann's Sprinkle
 We love celebrating babes in our family!
For my sister's 3rd little dear, we had a small sprinkle in the back room of a little 
restaurant downtown. I used some girly things and tied in umbrellas and rain boots!

Livingston's 1st Birthday
 Here is Liv's party table and decorations.  I used burlap, a bunch of clearanced valentines decorations and her pictures from every month of her first year. 
Another amazing cake from Nina. 
A lot of times, I just find something I like to use as the toppers for their cakes....
something I print out, a toy or scrapbook supplies. Whatever works to make it personalized and make them happy.

That is my favorite...watching them giggle with glee and feel celebrated!

So excuse me while I kick this birthday party into fabulousness! 
Then I'll need to nap for 3 days to recover, as always.
: )


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