Monday, August 24, 2009

Homemade Love...

That's what homemade ice cream equals to me! I had my stinkin' gallbladder out about a week ago. It finally had to go because it was making such a fuss all the time. And can I tell you how much I'm loving my new life (or my old life...I'm starting to feel back to my old self.).

Anyways...back to the homemade LoVe! My parents are the BEST nurses around (except for my husband...and sister of course). So they decided to make homemade ice cream a few days after my surgery. It was the sweetest medicine I've ever had. Here are a few pics of the celebration...Happy NO Gallbladder!
one of the sweetness Daddy!
I'm a simple kind of girl...just berries please!
It was good.
This good.
she thought it was good.
sweet medicine.
scruffs enjoyed all Em's hyped up sweetness!


RachelD said...

Wow....that looks great. I love homemade ice cream - haven't had it in years!

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