Friday, August 28, 2009

Makes me want to cook...

There is something wonderful about leaving the movie theater inspired! Sometimes I like the way a movie leaves me feeling of suspense, I always love leaving more in love, and every now and then leaving scared. But the BEST feeling is being left with the feeling of inspiration. Wanting to do something/be something! Having the urgency to MOVE ....not locations necessarily, but to be pushed into something by excitement! That is my friends, what Julie/Julia left me wanting to do. It was fabulous and I'm so excited my Man took me tonight for a date out on the town! You should see it to!
Amy Adams and especially Meryl Streep was fantastic! It was of course different than the book! Yes, I read the book. It was a good book, if you could get past all the language. It left you with the same feelings as the movies, but cluttered with negative words. That is why I think the movie was even better (which rarely happens). So I recommend the movie definitely, but only cautiously recommend the book!


RachelD said...

I agree! I left there wanting to bake...I still have a cheesecake recipe I'm dying to try.

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