Sunday, February 19, 2012

Is "Living the life to the fullest" just easy words?

I'm sitting here under the fog of my humidifier, thinking of so many different things.
Thinking about signing up "L" for spring t-ball... not sure t-ball is ready for us. : ) Catching up on my favorite blogs and feeling that inspiration for creativity creeping up in my noggin. Hoping my husband won't move to the couch again tonight because my nose blowing, coughing, getting up every hour to pee and snoring are keeping him up. Going through the lists in my head about this week and the very few weeks left before littlest arrives. But mainly thinking about life in general.

How it's hard.
How it's even harder for others.

That it can take you on loops of hopelessness only to pick up momentum for some of the most exilerating moments you never imagined.

Reminding myself that life is not purposeless. It is not in vain. I will not pretend to be smart or a theologian, but I do know that every moment in this life matters.

It was made for many things: love, joy, refinement, sorrow but most importantly GLORY.

We are here to bring HIM glory.

We cannot do that by passively sitting certain hard chapters out or wishing frustrating seasons by. We also cannot bring Him glory pretending everything is hunky dory and not be real because it's the realness that shows just how AMAZING He is.

So I look over my recent month and here are a few moments I see...
>busy busy busy days of preparing our home/life for a third child
>quiet moments of sickness, but cuddling close on the couch with little ones
> i haven't mentioned this because it's not really my story to tell, but my awesome Daddy had some scary medical moments this last month. He is thankfully doing just fine, but dealing with some lifestyle adjustments.
> enjoying my newest niece *before we all got sick* and realizing just how amazing this new little person already is
> being so thankful for the seriously mild winter (i do love snow, but this big bellied mamma feels safer with no icy sidewalks)
> realizing my last photo shoot before maternity has made it's arrival because i cannot physically move like i need to for those perfect shots
>overwhelmed by love and support as family/friends continually bless us with gifts, prayers and help during this exciting season
>long nights of NO sleep and sore throats
>anxious as we are steps closer to adopting our first two babies but still miffed because it's such a slow process
>and most recently being blindsided once again by a local youth taking his own life. and this little (he was 14)one was a kid i knew. one that i saw for years, praying for his "up hill battle" kind of life. no words.

All of these moments are just mine. There are soo many others who have their own. Moments full of twists and turns that this life creates. Ones that are just too hard to wrap our brains around, some that make life simply sweet, mundane hours that make you want to pull your hair out and some that just seem to suck the very life out of you. But that is just it. I'm realizing, it's just life. One that we are to live to fullest.

Sometimes I hear someone say that, and I want to roll my eyes. Please stop telling me to enjoy my 2 year olds' fits because one day I'll miss them.....yeah, yeah, I know. But I guess that is what I'm learning. I'm not called to just grin and bear it. I'm called to live it. To be present, make the most of it, be truthful and over all bring Him into every part of it.

So here are two pictures to leave you smiling.
Their first official Daddy and Daughter Date! She was soo excited and wanted to dress up like a princess for her Daddy. They went to Orange Leaf and she had I'm sure way too much sweets! :)
Hmmm... now what is the likelyhood that I could get this cute Daddy to take me on a Daddy and Daughter date. I might even be willing to share with my sis. : )

Hoping I really live life this week and that you do too!


Erika said...

I'm passing on the One Lovely Blog Award to you Sarah. Check out my post about it on my blog. You're a lovely woman! Good luck & God bless!

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