Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Saying so long to the newborn phase.

This is my youngest son.
He is 8 mos. old now.

I started this post like in March.
But it set in my drafts folder since then.
I know.
That is ridiculous.
This was him at around 2 months. 
I wanted to remember the little area that he occupied in our room.  
Livingston stayed in our room too for several months because it's more convenient for me in case they wake during the night. 
I remember being ready to have our room back, to take that pack-n-play down for more space.
Then I remember when we actually did it, feeling sad.
My heart ached just a little when I would look over to see her, only to know she was in her room downstairs.

It wasn't long before I couldn't even remember what it was like having her so close.
So this time, I wanted to make sure to document this sweet time in our lives.
Though the middle of the night feedings can be frustrating in those early months, it's such a sweet bonding time for this new little soul and yourself. 

I'll miss having this baby boy so close. 
Isn't that what happens.
We have them and then keep them as close as we can. 
But the truth is after those first 9 months living right under your very beating heart, 
they are striving to gain more and more freedom.

The distance is real and can be hard on a mama.

 So this time when I packed away the newborn clothes.
Those tiny little garments that I so carefully washed months before he made his debut.
The first outfits I dressed him in as he celebrated being a part of this world.

I took a moment to remember and cherish what God had given me.

I wiped the tears as I folded them for the last time.
I put them away, returned some borrowed ones, passed a few on to friends and saved some of my favorites.

Because I don't want to forget.
I can't.

It's the start of a beautiful BIG life.
My little man.
His beginning.

And I have to say, it went entirely too quick this time.
Before too long, I'll be putting away any reminders of babies.

It will be hard, just like putting away these newborn clothes. 

But the treasure is that each new season brings fresh joys and blessings.

I'll cling to that.


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