Monday, July 14, 2014

Things I Can't Get of My Mind...

I wish my house would sell.
 We've been trying to sell our home for some time now. It's not a need. We have no timeline. It would just make our lives easier to move closer to where Scott works, the kids go to school and an added bonus...closer to my family.  We had an open house this weekend and had a fairly good turn out.  We also have another showing this week.  I'm just praying for an offer and anxious to have it sold before school starts. Sadly, it's only three more weeks.  I'm trying to believe it could happen if God sees fit.'s Study Packs
I love  It's easy, keeps me accountable and has plenty of beautiful images to inspire me.  But I've been dying to get one of their study packs.  They are gorgeous and I know they'd be helpful to go along with their study online. But I haven't felt like I could justify it right now.  Maybe my honey will surprise me with one before the Hebrews study starts up.  hint! hint!  You should check them out and if anything follow along online.  Take a look at the does save you some.  

Summer is almost over.
I can't help it.  I'm trying to stop thinking this way, but I just can't.  I've told a few people July just feels like a long Sunday evening.  You know that sinking feeling in your gut that the fun is over and the week is starting over?  That's the way I feel. I'm going to miss moments like this.  The late afternoon glow, sweaty/happy kids and lots of nothing to do. I HEART summer!

This to eat.
I'm pretty obsessed with this combo lately.  I've eaten too many times to count as my lunch or sometimes even a late night snack.  It's pretty simple and not too unhealthy. : )  Just the bread, cheese and oil maybe? haha! It's spinach, kale and tomatoes chopped up. Oil and vinaigrette poured over. Italian spices, garlic, shaved Parmesan and sprinkled with pepper.  Just dip bread or crackers in it.  SOOO good! Someone stop me!!!

This little girl turning FIVE.
What are my children trying to do to me? UGH!!!! It's the most fun thing to watch them grow and the most heartbreaking too.  It's not that I really want them to stop, but I guess I'd just like them to slow down a little.  I've spent the last month researching/ordering gifts, looking through the past years pictures of Evy and planning her birthday bash for this weekend.  I think sometimes I'm just as excited as them! It's Little Mermaid themed.....soo fun!

That's what's been on my brain lately. 
How about yours?


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