Wednesday, July 8, 2009

One Small Ben & Jerry's...ONE BIG DEAL!!! if you know The MAN or me, you'd know we are both lovers...not fighters! We are both people pleasers and for the most part...hate making a fuss about anything. But we do blow up little things into these long discussions and comically bring them up wondering what was our deal about such and such.

Well, the other night we had dinner at Ann and Herman's (scott's mom and step dad). Dinner was soo good, as always. Thanks Herman! Scott wanted to stop by Wally World on the way home to get our nephew's b-day present. I didn't want to go in because we'd been swimming and I was a mess. But I did offer some brilliant advise...bring out some cream puffs with you! Now anyone that knows me, understands my dessert weirdness. I don't really like chocolate or most sweet things like other girls. I LOVE bread, pastries, and all sorts of pies!!! And definately CREAM PUFFS!
Scott was taking FOREVER, and the whole time I sat there imagining the bliss of enjoying some cream puffs. And how they would be the perfect ending for the perfect night! Aww...if only life went soo smoothly. Scott came out, and as he got in the car explained how he couldn't find the cream puffs. So he brought me ice cream tiny ben &jerry's for him and one for me. I was SOOOO disappointed because it one, wasn't cream puffs and TWO I don't really like ice cream that much (unless it's homemade ice cream...i do like that). Now, I will every now and then eat ice cream, but it's like 10th down on my list.

Well, this took me on a stupid downward swirl about how things always seem to go this way...YES, PEOPLE...I'm still talking about how my sweet husband got me ice cream instead of cream puffs. Huge catastrophes are going on around the world, people suffering, and many other horrific things....and I'm complaining about dessert not being right.

How can one tiny little ben & jerry's be such a BIG DEAL!?!?!

Can we all say SB, grow up! and {poor scott}
his expression on how he felt about the whole issue!
This cute little guy was the culprit!
at least he didn't get me chocolate!


Paul & Merideth said...

Catching up on your blog & laughing my butt off @ you guys. Oh, the sweet perils of marriage....and hormones. ;) hahahah! So hilarious. Thanks for sharing!!

ChristinK said...

YES - Marriage stories...please share some more....I love Paul and Mer marriage stories, any to share, Mer?? For J and me we had a HUGE fight over his HAIR b/c he did NOT get it cut before Easter Sunday 2004. It was the WORST fight ever and so STUPID. Love you, girl!

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