Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Good Old Friends at Good Old Home

This past weekend, The Man and I met Paul and Mer in Bowling Green on there stop through to Colorado. It was a MUCH NEEDED evening of catch up, lots of hugs, loud laughs, and too many pictures according to the men!
Yay, for Bowling Green resturants! You and Me was the perfect place to linger over dinner. Never thought I'd say I would LOVE a Bosnian restaurant.
We even had gorgeous scenery!
Scott's yummy pasta
They had the yummiest pizza. We always laugh how dinner works when I'm with Mer and Paul. People often mistake Paul and I as being together because we often split the same meal. We just happen to love all the fatty, yummy foods! It was even funnier that Scott and Mer got similar entrees. HAHA!
Spencer's Coffee house added another perfect relaxation spot for our night of reminiscing.
We got to walk around the square.... one of my favorite BG locations (next to Do Jo and
the Roadhouse)!

Merideth is such a "once in a lifetime" type of friend. She's a "match my laugh", "stay up til 3 am working on my wedding flowers the night before the big day", "creative liason on a variety of crafts", "tell ya what you really don't wanna hear", and "always point you toward Christ"
kind of friend!

She also has an equally fun husband, even with his lack of height (I'm pretty sure he wasn't trying) when it comes to jumping pictures!
I told ya about her crafty genius...she MADE this necklace and matching earrings. She'll be taking custom orders HERE!


Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Sounds like a great time with old friends, the best kind! :) Greasy food doesn't hurt, either!

Paul & Merideth said...

:) I love you too, you jerk. You made me cry!!! ;) haha. Miss you so much already! This living 9+ hours away from each other is for the BIRDS!!! P.s...remind me to tell you later what all I bought @ Ann Taylor today: 4 things for $29!!! Yipppeeeee!
Thanks for such a precious shout-out, friend! I miss you & love you dearly!

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