Tuesday, September 18, 2012

4.5.6....where has time gone

So who is the most horrible mama in the world?  
That would be me since I have completely dropped the ball in sharing my babes monthly pictures.
Looking at them like this makes my belly ache just a bit.  The time is just flying by.  
Here she is in all her 4 month, 5 month and 6 month glory.

At 4 months you:
you started eating rice cereal and gagged for the first several times
you got a exersaucer and love to sit up in it
wear 3-6 months and size 2 diapers
your favorite things are daddy's songs, squeaky bunny and riding in my stroller
you also saw the ocean for the first time

 At 5 months you:
now you are eating baby food (your favs are squash, sweet potatoes and pears
you raise up on your hands like a seal
you rolled from your front to your back
wear 3-6 months and size 2 diapers
your favorite thing to do is sit in your exersaucer and play
Your favorite things are your butterfly toy, your play floor mat and watching Yo Gabba Gabba

At 6 months you:
now are eating puffs & yogurt melts along with baby food/cereal
sit up with help
you roll all over the floor
wear 6-9 months (generally) and size 3 diapers
you rock back and forth on your knees (you'll be crawling soon)
Your favorite things are singing songs, your sisters baby doll, listening to us read books and anything outside.

Sweetest baby girl, I'm so thankful you are mine!


Becca said...

She is adorable - and you are nowhere close to being the most horrible mama in the world - you are a great mom!! :-)

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