Thursday, September 6, 2012

girls gone cupcake!!!!

 With big brother in school, we decided to do something special.
Cupcakes are super special, right?
 They are if you get them here...The Cup Cakery.
 Liv wanted one too, but we told her not just yet.
 She was happy just watching us enjoy them. Sweet baby. One day I'll giver her her own cupcake.
 I love our different tastes:
Nana - Italian Creme
"E"- Strawberry with Creme Cheese Icing
Me - Wedding cake
 She really just wanted the pink sprinkles!
 She was so cute trying to eat this HUGE cupcake.
But I ended getting some of it too. 
We actually all shared a little of each.
Isn't that the prettiest cupcake ever. 
It's just as yummy as it is pretty!

I'm thankful for special girly treats like this. 
It makes me miss my boy a little less. 

Is it fall break yet?


Heidi said...

What a "sweet" post (pun intended) How lovely to have some girl time :)

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