Thursday, September 20, 2012

There were never such devoted sisters...

Name that song!
Sisters, Sisters...from White Christmas.
My sister and I always sang that song growing up.
Now I can't help but giddy thinking that my girls have each other.  
My sister is my best friend and has been there for everything.
I'm so thankful that my girls will have that too. (Now we just need to work on a brother for my Little Man).

A week or so ago, I went to wake up big sis from nap.  This is rare that I get to wake her up, she is usually already up.  I even snapped a few pictures.  There is just something soo sweet about littles while they sleep.  

 This is a slight peek into their room. 
I guess it's ok to show her name because it isn't her given name.  This is a nickname we called her and will be her legal name after adoption.  Picking this name was soo hard, but that is a story for another day. : ) 
 I wish I could show the whole picture. 
She has the most precious profile and sweet, long eyelashes. 
Note to parents: only do this type of shot if your children are hard sleepers or you don't care if they wake up.

That was the case with us this time.  We needed to go get big brother from school. 
Here is how I officially woke her up.  I laid baby sis in her bed. 
Aren't they cute together. 

They love each other soo much. 
I feel bad for them...they both have ear infections again!
Three weeks ago all 3 of my littles had ear infections. 
This time it was Evy who got one first and then Liv got one too. 
We were staying out of town at a friend's house.  
Evy woke up at 2 and really never went back to sleep. It was weird, she had no fever at that point and just kept complaining of her cheek hurting.
It was horrific and she honestly has never had a night like this before. 
I hated it for her, me and the rest of the family because we were all sharing a room.
It ended up being Evy, Liv and I all in the bed at about 5 in the morning.  I was soo out of it and was kind of in and out.  I look up at one point and see the two of them are all snuggled together.  Evy was holding Liv around her waist and Liv had her hand on Evy's cheek.  So sweet (sweeter thinking of it later, because nothing seemed sweet during that horrible night).

It made me grateful they had each other.
I can't remember how many times I slept with my sister growing up.
Maybe because I was sick, had a bad dream or usually it was just that we fell asleep talking.
Oh I can just see the memories they have yet to make.

Enjoy it girls! You'll never have another friend quite like your sister.


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