Sunday, December 9, 2012

a little quiet

These are the type of mornings I love.  Quiet, Sunday morning where we are still all in our pjs. Except for Scott because he was the one that went out to get breakfast for us.  Nothing for me or him to cook and no dirty dishes to wash up afterwards. These are rare (esp. rare on Sunday mornings).  We are usually at church, but this weekend was our churches Christmas show.  They had different services and we took part of the one yesterday afternoon.  There was no youth so we didn't have our youth life groups to teach.  It feels kind of odd, but since we haven't had many Saturday mornings like feels especially good today.

Now the baby is taking her morning nap.  I'm sitting in the Living Room with my love as he grades papers.  I can hear our other littles imagine and pretend in Leland's room.  They are building igloos with their legos as he has been particularly obsessed with the idea of igloos since a Curious George episode. The Christmas tree is glowing from across the room and it's pretty quite (at least for around here).

It's good to take time to slow down.  Actually, it's important. For your sanity. Your family. And especially, your soul.  We are always so busy.  Scott with work, running kids to different activities, my photography work, and just different obligations.  Sometimes it can just be too much. Even when we are all home their is much noise and chaos going on as you can imagine.  It's not often that we are not talking, instructing or making silly songs/laughter/nonsense.

So these rare moments of sitting to reflect, quietly work or even pray as I edit....they are rare.  I know these moments are fleeting too.  I sit here pondering on life and all the goodness going on around me each day. As I feel my fingertips type away the clutter in my head, I know the moments of solitude are slipping away.  That is ok, it's the season of life we are in.  But I will relish in these brief moments of quiet. Usually, you have to get up quite early or stay up too late to get some true quiet in this place.
I leave you with this quote from A.W. Tozer on how even our good deeds can sometimes be filling up all the space in our lives for quiet.

Our religious activities should be ordered in such a way as to have plenty of time for the cultivation of the fruits of solitude and silence. A.W. Tozer

Hope you all get to enjoy some good solitude and quiet today.


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