Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Memories Made.

I cannot remember the exact moment that Christmas became such a special event in my life.  I do however remember all the small memories that made it that way.

I can see clearly the Charlie Brown lights lined across the roof of my childhood home.  Wiping the frosty fog off the window so my sister and I could get a better glance.  It didn't matter how carefully we added the sparkly ice cycles to our family tree, we'd find silver shreds strewn across the house for weeks and weeks. Funny things  still pepper through my thoughts like wearing the Christmas tree costume my Moma made me for the school play. Or the silly stories that our Daddy would tell us about when he was a little boy at Christmas time. I remember thinking that it was nutty how excited him and his brothers got over oranges in their stockings. I can still hear the hymns being sung by candlelight as we joined our Nanny's church for their Christmas Eve service.  I love how songs or movies can take you back to certain moments.  Mine would definitely be Mariah Carey's All I want for Christmas Is You and it takes me back to wrapping presents on our pool table in the basement.  The cold floor beneath my socks, the radio turned up on high and trying to wrap quickly before someone in the family saw their gifts I purchased at the Santa's Workshop store at school.  Piling up on the couch under covers to watch White Christmas, On Moonlight Bay, and one of my favorites A Mom for Christmas *it's the one where Olivia Newton John is a mannequin and comes alive for Christmas. Family gatherings are always a good treasure to think back on.  Laughter, following around (and most likely annoying) the older cousins, singing hymns as Johnah tinkered out the tune on the piano, and enjoying all the decadent treats which includes my Mom's cranberry-apple Hot Punch. Of course, I still get giddy thinking of waking up on the 25th at 5 a.m. and running into the living room to see the toys I'd longed for loving placed across the hearth. As I got older I loved going one by one through the cards stored in the little Santa card holder.  Actually, I still love to do this as I now own this after my mother got rid of it.  I also still enjoy Daddy reading the story of the birth of Christ every Christmas day.

aren't we cute?!?!?!

It's funny how you look back on moments and think that your children must have the same exact experiences to have the magic you once had.  It's just not true.  We love and cherish certain holidays or traditions because they were OURS.  They are special memories because of the effort our parents took to make them and mostly because of the love they represent. During this season where it's become ok to place "have to do" labels on everyone or we feel guilty over not joining some holiday fad, remember it's something else that makes our kids have magical childhoods.  It's us taking the time to stop and spend time doing something with them and making even the smallest things seem special.  So stop harassing others and loosing sleep over missing out on what everyone else deems important.  My kids will most likely have different favorite memories than I did growing up, but theirs will be just as sweet as mine. Now go ENJOY and CELEBRATE this season!


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