Saturday, December 22, 2012


Thinking today as we rush through a bunch of holiday affairs, just how quickly this life can really be.  It feels like yesterday that I was sleepily emerging to the living room on Christmas morning to enjoy another magical day.  My sister and I ran into each other last night doing some last minute shopping.  This almost never happens. For one reason, we almost always know where the other accidentally running into each other can't happen. It was weird, you know.  Someone you grow up with and rarely spend even a night apart suddenly is someone (though still close) who lives in a separate house and has a life of their own.  How can this be?  Shouldn't we still be playing dolls in the basement or at least be on our way to cheer practice?  And if not those, there is no way that we should be doing anything else than wrapping up finals and heading home from Western for Christmas break.  Where did our youth go?

Forget my youth.  What about my own family.  When did this happen? My sweet fresh groom and I should be still celebrating our first Christmas together.  Reminiscing over our honeymoon pictures, enjoying long dates out and for goodness sakes...sleeping in on Saturday mornings.  But no.  That was us only for a year.  Then the next we were busy with plans of adopting and still trying to have a baby.  Then our first two babies came.  Trying to remember that first Christmas is tough.  Sadly, most of it is tainted with my back problems to shortly follow, back surgery.  I do remember their smiling faces Christmas morning.  I can still see my little man's face with icing all over it from Christmas cookies. And watch little Evy toddle across the room every five minutes to touch the tree.  And here we are back again at the same stage with our tiniest blessing.  She is ten months old today.  INSANE.  This year has been exceptionally fast.  I get all teary thinking of how tiny she was and how quickly they've all grown.

So today, I'm going to stop rushing around and just enjoy them as much as I can.  For I know, next year  at this time..I'll be just as surprised by how much they've grown again.  Oh Lord, can't we slow down this time for just a little bit.  There is so much you've given us to enjoy.  I don't want to miss one moment.

this to this too quickly

Don't forget to take some time to SLOW DOWN this holiday season and enjoy those around you.


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