Tuesday, December 25, 2012


All today and the day before I've been thinking about one thing...HE CAME.  I love all this Christmas stuff. Seeing my kids excited.  Being with family.  Eating lots of yumminess.  Enjoying old traditions and creating new ones.  But all of that is pale in comparison to the most exciting thing to ever happen to my life (and believe me....yours too).... HE CAME.

Long ago, after 400 years of silence from God...the Israelites finally received the hope they'd been waiting for. It wasn't how they had expected and sadly, many of them flat out missed it.  But a poor, young girl set out to serve her God, gave birth to God's Son.  Jesus Christ came.  He came. We do not have a God that is far away or unconcerned with us.  We have a God that came to earth to be here and change eternity forever.  Thanking God for this truth...more than any gift I've been given, all the blessed family times and even more than my amazing husband and children.

Praying you and yours experience this joy today and always.

Merriest Christmas from the Thompson Family!

btw, this is the front/back of our card that went out Christmas Eve. 
Just keeping it real! : )


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