Friday, November 13, 2009

Finally...Cuteness Galore!

This Aunt has been a slacker indeed. Some pictures I took for my sis, she is wanting to use for birth announcement/Christmas cards. The final selections haven't been made, so I could post any of those. Soon I'd like to post about the day and story of how Fynn arrived. It was such a memorable moment for an aunt just as the others were. Seriously, can there be anything better than being an aunt?

Fynn in all his cuteness:

So little, yet so big! gained like 4 oz on his birth weight at first appt. Healthy baby!
Could you just die from how cute his little behind and feet are?

Perfection!Those cheeks...umm! I wanna kiss those toes.

So don't you agree:
simply adorable!

(excuse me now, my uterus is hurting...i need me one of those)
Good thing we get to watch Fynn tonight for a few hours!


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